During the try-out period (week 33–37), you are welcome to join our trainings without further notice (note that higher level teams will finish their try-out period earlier than lower level teams. During week 37 all teams should have completed their try-out period). If you do join us during this period, please sign up at this form (currently only in Norwegian, please contact us if you have any problems). During try-outs you get free entrance.

If you want to join a team outside the try-out period, please contact the coach at the respective team (find them under «lagene»), or the board (styret@volley.osi.no) if you need help finding the right level. 

As a member you are bound by OSI’s rules and regulations, as well as the laws of The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports. Please note that this includes the clubs right to sanction individual members who violate the rules by reprimade, fine or exclusion from participating for a limited time period. Violation of the rules includes, but is not limited to, violent and offensive behaviour, drinking alcohol or other substance abuse at sports facilities.


You pay a fixed OSI fee of NOK 120 to the central administration (NOK 200 if you are a non-student), and NOK 275 to OSI Volleyball (NOK 550 if non-student). Both these fees are applicable for one semester only. You also need to pay a deposit (price differs in relation to level) which will be refunded if you do volunteer work for the club. If you are playing for a team, you also need a licence, which includes insurance (price differs in relation to level). 

Also, all OSI members who are part of an OSI group that uses SiO Athletica’s training facilities, have to pay entrance or membership to SiO Athletica. For prices, you can go to SiO Athleticas website. Note that as a member of SiO Athletica, you are obligated to follow their rules for use of their facilities. Membership in OSI and SiO Athletica are two separate memberships, and to start or close your SiO Athletica membership, you will have to contact them directly.

Photo: Kristian Monsen @fotomons