OSI Volleyball is a sub-group of OSI (Oslo Student Sports Club), which is one of Norways largest sport organisations. OSI's purpose is to offer something for everyone – regardless of physical condition, skills or ambitions. The Club is run by and for students, and can offer activities in a dynamic student environment, where social interaction is a vital addition to just playing sports.

OSI is a member of the Norwegian University Sports Federation (Norges Studentidrettsforbund), the umbrella organization for all student sports associations.

OSI Volleyball offers volleyball at all levels, including seven women's teams, five men's teams and one beginners training. 

OSI is a student club, and its financial support is based on student members. This is why you need to be a student to join OSI. However, exceptions can be made at the higher level if necessary to maintain the sporting level. 

Our training arenas:

Monday and Tuesday: The sports building at Blindern 

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: Domus Athletica

Men's teams: 

1. division: H1 

2. division: H2 

3. division: H3

5. division: H4 and H5

Women's teams:

1. division: D1

2. division: D2

3. division: D3

4. division: D4 and D5

5. division: D6 and D7

Beginners training for both men and women