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How to join one of the teams?

Twice annually, we conduct tryouts for all our teams, in August and January. A registration form is made available on our website for interested individuals to sign up. Nonetheless, certain teams may have openings outside of these designated tryout periods. For inquiries regarding such opportunities, please feel free to reach out to us at

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Can you join even if you are not a student?

OSI Volleyball mandates that a minimum of 80% of the team's members must be enrolled students. Consequently, team slots are exclusively available to students who can provide valid student identification. However, non-students may be eligible to join the club if they participate in the highest divisions and contribute to raising the level of play.

Can you only join for half a season?

That's fine, but it's crucial that you inform your coach about this during tryouts. In case of a large number of players trying out, there's a possibility that you may not be prioritized for team selection.

How much does it cost to join?

You pay a fixed OSI fee of NOK 120 to the central administration (NOK 200 if you are a non-student), and NOK 275 to OSI Volleyball (NOK 550 if non-student). Both these fees are applicable for one semester only.

You also need to pay a deposit (price differs in relation to level) which will be refunded if you do volunteer work for the club. If you are playing for a team, you also need a license, which includes insurance (price differs in relation to level). 

Also, all OSI members who are part of an OSI group that uses SiO Athletica’s training facilities, have to pay entrance or membership to SiO Athletica. For prices, you can go to SiO Athletica's website. Note that as a member of SiO Athletica, you are obligated to follow their rules for use of their facilities. Membership in OSI and SiO Athletica are two separate memberships, and to start or close your SiO Athletica membership, you will have to contact them directly.